Checking a timetable against the Timetable Planning Rules (TPRs) in the UK is a time-consuming task. Not anymore with ATTUne. Network Rail have adopted our timetable development nationally to automate the process.

Through a process of converting the TPRs into a format that can be processed readily by a computer, then working with planners at Network Rail to refine understanding of the rules and to capture that within ATTUne, Network Rail are now able to rapidly check a new timetable for conflicts. As the list of conflicts is kept live as the timetable is edited, any knock on effects of changes made can be understood instantly, whether or not they happen to relate to trains that are currently in view.

Working with Tracsis and DXC, we have created a central database of the TPRs and extended ATTUne to assess a timetable against headways, junction margins, platform re-occupations, dwell times, SRT adjustments, turnaround times and planning geography. This is populated nationally.