Bellvedi provides software and consultancy services to the UK rail industry

Bellvedi is a UK-based railway software and consultancy company working with clients including the majority of UK Train Operators, Network Rail and several Rail consultancies. Our market leading software ATTUne is changing the way timetables can be developed and validated, opening up the rail industry to efficiency and innovation.  We have also deployed ATTUne internationally, including as far afield as the United Arab Emirates, and continue to explore options to help make a difference within the rail industry in other countries.

Our team has vast experience in software development, project management and consultancy both within the rail industry and with multinational companies.

Through investment in our products we want to help change the way people get from A to B, so that it’s fast, economic and sustainable.  We strive to minimise our environmental impact, not for statistics sake, but because we care about our environment. We use ethical companies for our pension scheme and banking and look to minimise our carbon footprint.


Our Directors

John Bell, our founder and Managing Director, has two decades of experience in the rail industry and has specific expertise in timetable development, passenger demand forecasting and the use and automation of MOIRA2.

Direct: +44 (0)1442 861041


David Polhill, our Technical Director, is a software architect, developer and consultant who has worked in the UK rail industry for over 20 years. His experience is wide ranging, from signalling control software to strategic planning tools. He specialises in timetable development and passenger demand forecasting and timetable development.



Martin Fuller, our Principal Developer, is a railway consultant and software analyst and developer, with over 17 years of experience in the rail industry.  He is expert in performance analysis, demand forecasting and timetable development.



Howard King, our Operations Director, manages our programme of new installations and software development into a number of TOCs. He is a hugely experienced programme and project manager, having successfully delivered multimillion pound change programmes across both the private and public sector, including finance and health.


Bellvedi Limited
Registered Office: Nexus, Discovery Way, Leeds LS2 3AA
Company registration no: 8316870