ATTUne is a timetable planning software package, extensively used by Train Operators, Network Rail, franchise bidding teams and Rail consultancies for validation, optioneering and to plan timetables in time pressured environments.

Whether planners are experienced or are new to planning and the rail network, ATTUne is designed to be easy and quick to pick up. It provides valuable insights into the feasibility of the timetables produced, quick and painless bulk timetable editing, analysis and publishing.

The following can be performed in fractions of a second:

  • Timetable loading; importing and exporting industry standard format files (PIF, CIF or SPG)
  • Timetable Service Requirement (TSR) checking
  • Conflict detection
  • Route validation
  • Publishing to working timetable (WTT) format

Furthermore, validation displays and other views are maintained in real time as the timetable is edited. ATTUne interfaces with Tracsis’ TRACS-RS software for rolling stock planning and as a basis for train crew planning.

ATTUne has been adopted by Network Rail for Timetable Planning Rule compliance checking, and is capable of rapidly assessing very large amounts of data. For example, importing a national timetable of 22,000 trains, routeing it on to the infrastructure and checking for compliance against all Train Planning Rules (Headways, Junction Margins, Platform Re-occupations, Dwell Times, Timings & Timing adjustments, Turnaround Times and Routes) takes less than 60 seconds.

ATTUne includes visualisation of timetables (e.g. train or string graphs, column prints), and infrastructure (track layout and train routeing).

Please get in touch for a demonstration or quote, or to discuss additions to the tool you can conceive that might help your business.